In 1871, Claus Doscher created the first Doscher’s handcrafted candy cane in Cincinnati, Ohio. His process involved using real peppermint oil, cooking small batches in copper kettles, and working with the best tools known to man – his hands – to roll, knead, stripe, and hook the canes.

For close to 150 years, Doscher’s has used the same recipe to ensure that each of our candy canes is perfectly chewy and airy. We use the same copper kettles and time-honored techniques so that every candy cane is a one-of-a-kind piece of confectionary art.

But, Claus didn’t just make candy canes. He also developed the famous French Chew that continues to delight candy lovers everywhere. French Chew is a chewy, nougat-like candy that we make in amazing flavors!